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Real Arcade Pro. V Hayabusa 2017
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  "With lever and buttons replaced with Sanwa parts."
Hori, long a very good Japanese console controller manufacturer, had a disappointing run early on in the PS4 era with "4 Kai" and "V" editions of their long-running "Real Arcade Pro" arcade stick series that had slower circuit boards: inputs made on the sticks added an extra frame or so of delay to your action in the games.
They corrected this with a new run of RAPV Hayabusa sticks in 2017, but released them only in Japan.
The included "Hayabusa" lever and buttons are cheap plastic, with loose and sloppy action; fortunately, you can easily swap them out for Sanwa arcade parts, like the older Hori sticks had--but it is slight additional expense. Those parts, however, will last just about forever, and, once Sanwa-modded and paired with the appropriate Brook Super Adapters, you'll have nicely low profile, low delay stick that can be used on just about anything: I use mine natively on PS3/PS4/PC, and with Brook Adapters--with which I have been able to measure no additional input delay via rough comparisons--on DC, Neo*Geo, PC Engine, and PS1/2.




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