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  "Emulated title screen."

Forgot the pterodactyl is only vulnerable while its mouth is open. = O RaAAAwr!
I originally got this almost exactly 15 years ago, according to my PSN PS3 download list--it was the 14th thing I downloaded on the shiny new OG PS3 I had then.
Can I get back to the level I was (apparently!) at back then???
It's really addictive! And the sound is so good! (And this port is super-loud and has no volume control. ; ) The sidebar art (from the sides of the arcade cabinet, originally by Python Anghelo, whose primary prior work was on Williams' pinball machines) is so wonderfully minimalistic!
It was a very early game on PS3, but it's still a really solid port by Backbone Entertainment, even if there's a very slight glowy fuzziness about the sprites, and occasional small brown bits near the left edge of the screen--does that happen in the arcade version?; two years later--PS3 Joust was 2007--they did the widescreen MvC2 PS3 port that I've been playing lately. : ) It's in 1080p! This and Gran Turismo HD Concept gave me what turned out to be an incorrect idea that most PS3 games would be in 1080. ; )
Weirdly published by SOE. I was working in their Bellevue (Seattle area) studio at the time (on The Matrix Online). Did they tell us about this release, much less give us discounts on it? Nope. ; )
Note: the birds are actually cyborgs--robotic legs! = o ( ) Player 2's bird is a pelican rather than an ostrich--you can see it on the screen in the menu background @ 22:48.
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