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Driveclub: PlayStation Plus Edition
  opened by paleface at 19:02:12 06/13/22  
  last modified by paleface at 19:44:34 06/13/22  
  paleface [sys=PS4; cat=Driving; loc=NA]
Even though I don't have my PS+ sub anymore, and the game got de-listed and the servers shut down, I can still play Driveclub: PlayStation Plus Edition, which came out back when I *did* subscribe, and was apparently given to all subscribers to keep, for free.
It doesn't feel great. The game runs at 30 fps only; the PS+ Edition only has some tracks in the India location, and they feel really short and cramped as I race around in the Ferrari it gives me--along with a few other cars, some of which appear to be made up. The roadside scenery is bountiful, in a slightly exaggerated fashion, with a good deal of aliasing. The Ferrari's engine sound isn't too hot, and it drives--I was using the motion control steering for the PS4 pad, which is how I play GT7--only okay-ish, without much real feel for the road--and I had to turn the rumble down to Low, because it was just vibrating like crazy, without really communicating much. And when I'd hit the gas from a low gear, the Ferrari would just slew around. Maybe there's tuning I missed and I need better tires?
Was thinking maybe there would be some nice arcade-like tracks here for Time Trialing, which you can do, but the India track or two I tried didn't feel like particularly interesting road layouts, bountiful scenery aside, and compared to GT7, there's just much less feeling of driving a car--and more jank.
Also a scrolling red message keeps popping up in the middle of the screen WHILE DRIVING to say there's an error connecting to the server. ; )
  paleface 19:44:34 06/13/22
Ah now I remember, I played a bit of the full version back in the day on the PS4 of a friend who was a big racing game fan. I remember thinking at the time that it felt all right, despite being 30 fps, and liking the pretty cherry blossoms of the Japan stage I tried--but being underwhelmed by the much-hyped (by my friend, too) rain-on-the-windshield effect. Can't buy the full version with those stages now, even from the PS+ Edition; kind of kicking myself for not picking it up in one of the hugely discounted sales the had, just so I could check out the other stage types. : P

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