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Crazy Taxi
  opened by paleface at 16:36:40 08/23/22  
  last modified by paleface at 01:04:10 10/11/22  
  paleface [sys=PC; cat=Driving; loc=NA]
Remembered I finally got totally into Crazy Taxi 1 & 2 about ten years back in a weekend binge or something where it finally clicked and I learned how to Crazy Boost and Limit Break or whatever and was just loving the whole thing.
Then I had to drive somewhere and almost had an accident when I reflexively tried to Crazy Boost from a stop light in my actual car.
That was the last time I played Crazy Taxi.
Now I donít have a car though so I guess itís okay! Letís make some crrrrrazzzzy money!
  paleface 16:51:43 08/23/22
Or maybe it was a stop sign, and I jammed on the brake and into neutral to stop, then punched it into first to go? That would make more sense, mechanically. Anyway, it was bad.
  paleface 21:32:06 08/23/22

Man that Original city is mean--those intentional dead-ends of Landing Pier and Millennium Tower, the bigger one of the whole artificial island out in the bay, the bizarre Tetris-shaped blocks downtown, the elaborate tunnels--all put there to baffle the new driver. = P
Pretty sure there are rooftop shortcuts to get to Millennium Tower. I do not know them, although clearly there are some launching pad jumps downtown--which I have not learned to approach correctly.
Kinda want to stick to Arcade city for now. ;_; It's prettier, too! : P
Liking Gena's "nimble" car. The control in this version *IS* fairly twitchy (rumor says the analog stick input is interpreted digitally anyway); I may give that steering mod another try, now that I've got the hang of Crazy Boost better (when I first tried the mod, it definitely made the steering more precise, but I thought it also made Crazy Boost a lot harder to do--but I wasn't very good at Crazy Boost then so that could easily have been user error).
Gus' replacement voice (rumor is it's the actor from CT2?) sure is weird. ; )
I was on the verge of getting the PS3 version when I thought to check for a PC version--in videos, this one looked to have sharper textures. A 2014 update added an FXAA option. Back in the day some folks complained about bizarre low performance glitching, and the Vulkan D3D9 wrapper for Linux was presented as solving it (even in Windows)--but I haven't had any performance issues; the unmodified game runs real smooth!
  paleface 01:44:17 08/25/22
cookieplmonster's SilentPatch definitely makes steering with the analog stick more precise (rumor was the game was defaulting to interpreting all input digitally; anyway steering was real twitchy and swervy), and does NOT inhibit my ability to do Crazy Boosts, so yep that's a good one.
  paleface 19:49:56 08/25/22
Just realized Crazy Taxi is Elite (see entry 1456) only with The Offspring instead of Strauss.
  paleface 00:04:41 10/11/22
This is the Steam version, not the earlier PC version. So the old licensed music, brands, and driver voices have been replaced by inoffensive not-expensive ones.
  paleface 01:04:10 10/11/22

Playing 10 minute mode in Arcade as each of the four drivers--actually got an Class S license! = ooo I guess Gena's my girl! ^ )^
Gena $5,565.53 (S)
Axel $4,907.02 (A)
Gus $4,775.58 (A)
B.D.Joe $4,511.95 (A)
With Gus, finally got to that weird seaside highway end of town past downtown 44:43. 'p'
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