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Korokoro Post Nin
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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Platformer; reg=JPN]
Since your newspaper delivery route covers a crazy topsy-turvy neighborhood with no fixed up or down, it's a good thing that you can rotate the world around yourself at will, so that no matter which way you want to go it's always downhill as far as you're concerned. Of course, you've got to watch out that you don't rotate something nasty like spikes, carnivorous plants, or vending machines in your way, and you certainly want to collect all the spare change and lucky cat statues lying around. Oh, and deliver papers to all the houses within the time limit so that you can continue on to the next neighborhood, of course.
Rotating the entire screen around your character at will is a slick and impressive effect apparently handled effortlessly by the ol' PS1 and while it takes some getting used to, it quickly becomes near second nature. Spinning the world around yourself and drifting with the fluctuations of the shifting gravity quickly puts you in a surreal frame of mind, aided by the whimsical and almost-but-not-quite annoying music.
Your cute delivery girl has to shout the same shrill thing every time she she does anything, now that part becomes slighly annoying. And the game starts to get pretty darn tricky after a few neighborhoods, and eventually you'll probably find yourself orbiting uselessly around a powerup, unable to rotate the world sharply enough to get it and too dull to stop, reorient yourself and try again. Or you'll find that you're ricocheting stupidly across cleverly placed spike traps, your timer draining valuable seconds with each hit.
But if you can just once drift smoothly through the level, floating, drifting, and gravity boosting at all the right points, you'll hit that zen paper delivery world of which we all dream. And isn't that worth playing for?
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