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Touch Down Fever
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PS3 minis version of an SNK pre-NEOGEO game, the American football arcade game Touch Down Fever!
Somewhat weird interpretation of American football! ^^_ I guess in the arcade this had SNK's trademark Ikari Warriors-style rotating joystick, except with an American football-shaped balltop, and you used that to set your quarterback's passing direction; I was happier playing this game while I FORGOT about that and just bombed it straight down the field, because trying to aim and catch diagonal balls is a lot trickier. : P So I just went back to straight vertical passing. ^ _^
You don't pick plays in this game, you just take what it gives you. Extra point attempts are called "Goal Kicks."
Catching passes isn't too hard as long as you're careful to stay steady in front of them as they're coming (this isn't too hard if you're throwing straight up field, and the AI always left my receivers open by a mile), but your receiver always stops dead to catch the ball, then you have to pound the button to build up speed and start running downfield. : PPP And your other receivers are there alongside you but they make NO effort to block for you, in fact they mostly get in your way.
Running seems pretty risky, it's just real easy to get bottled up in wodgy contact physics and get nowhere or lose yards.
Playing defense is terrifying, yargh; the AI can pretty readily pick up huge passing yards (like you can when you're on offense, hey); I'm not sure how you're supposed to defend passes, except with a bit of luck you can jump from your usual spot a bit behind the line of scrimmage and intercept a pass that would otherwise go for like 30 yards minimum; as on offense, your teammates on defense just get in your way as you try to run down the receiver and they trail hopelessly behind.
If you're ahead when your one "minute" of game time runs out you "win": "Congraturations! You win 10 seconds toward next game played; insert coin now." And then it says "GAME ODER" and "YOU WIN!" (And yes it spells them "congraturations" and "oder.")
Oh huh I got a lot of extra time at the end of run 1 because the CPU scored on like a 60 yard passing play as time ran out, then got one second put back on the clock to kick their "goal kick." ; D
If you score you get 7 more seconds!
In this port's "Screen Normal" setting, you can't see the top and bottom of the play area. : P

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