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Daytona USA
  opened by paleface at 07:33:31 11/20/22  
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  paleface [sys=PS3; cat=Driving; reg=NA]
Whoops, this game doesn't read inputs from a DS4's R2 and L2 buttons, which are the game's un-re-mappable Acceleration and Brake buttons--you can remap some of the buttons and functions, but not those. : P Also doesn't work with R2/L2 on my Hori Real Arcade Pro PS3/4 stick. Sheesh.
I've read there's a swap trick where you can start off with a DS3, then switch the controller assignment over to a DS4. Too bad I finally tossed my last DS3 a little while back; it would kind of flip out hitting phantom buttons when plugged in. So maybe that wouldn't have worked so great anyway.
Runs in 1080p, widescreened, has some modes the DC version (see entry 629) didn't.
  paleface 07:35:03 11/20/22
For a moment I thought I'd gotten the accelerator to work in a burst, turned out you just get silly acceleration for a moment if another car rear-ends you; with 40 cars on the track, you can keep getting those little boosts if you stay in the middle of the track or so--not enough to get to the finish before time runs out, mind you.
  paleface 15:17:16 11/20/22

Trying out the PS3 version of Daytona USA, which I just bought off the PS3 PSN store--but I only have a DualShock 4, not a DualShock 3, and the DS4's L2 and R2 buttons, hard-bound to the game's Brake and Accelerate, are not read by the game, so it isn't really playable. Still, I got into an online race! = P
I went ahead and stuck onto the end of this video the multiplayer session I managed to stumble into in my first take of this video, where I had my video settings all wrong because I'm a klutz. You can mostly see what's happening...which is nothing besides me getting lapped, well and the one other guy who can't move either suddenly springing to life after most of the race is over and one guy already smashed into him. ^ D^ Anyway so multiplayer does work still. Weird how you can't quit once in a race though, maybe they didn't want people just quitting all the time?
Forgot to mention it but I was using the DS4 wired here; also tried it in wireless mode and still got the same result: the game did not read any input from the R2 and L2 buttons, and, as those are hard-mapped to Brake and Accelerate, that means you can't play the game if all you have for a controller is a DS4.
If you do have a DS3 that for whatever reason you don't actually want to play with, apparently there's a swap trick where you can reassign the controller setting from the DS3 to the DS4 while in the game, and then magically the L2 and R2 buttons on the DS4 will work. Or something. I dunno, I threw out my last, malfunctioning, DS3 pad months back after being sick of it sitting uselessly in my cupboard for years (it would freak out and hit Circle or other buttons all the time when plugged in). Anyway I think that swap trick was on Reddit--or somewhere like that; Google had found it for me.
The game also didn't read the L2 and R2 buttons from my PS3/PS4 Hori Real Arcade Pro. V (2017 version) arcade stick that I tried just for the heck of it.
Daytona USA remains on the North American PS3 PSN store; I bought and downloaded it today (after funding my wallet $15 for the $9.99 purchase price plus just under $1 tax through my PS4).
Now to see if Sony will let me claim non-working software and refund it to me. : )
Well I mean I could still play Karaoke mode with the Autopilot setting set to ON I guess!
  paleface 20:14:34 11/20/22
No refund, Sony says the DS4 is not officially supported on the PS3 and the game is working fine. : P
  paleface 21:09:02 11/20/22
So with a Rolling Start on the beginner track, while I couldn't give the car any gas due to the game not recognizing L2/R2 button presses on the DS4 for some reason, the rolling gave me some distance of coasting, and by the time I was rolling to a stop, the mob of cars would usually be coming around and smacking into me, giving me a FRESH rolling start down the track! I once actually got through two checkpoints thanks to successive smacking, before time ran out.
  paleface 19:13:59 11/25/22
Turns out that one *Daytona USA* PS3 online race into which I've happened to stumble in my life was the first in a session by people who've started something of a scene for it with a Discord and all.
MrThunderwing, the player stranded at the starting position with me for most of the race, just happens to be a UK Sega-arcade-focused YouTuber. And it further turns out that the winner of these races, PSN handle punk-rock-368, is a Japanese YouTuber, CUREPUNK, who is an absolute Sega arcade racing game expert; for instance, here they are beating the arcade Daytona USA with a time 1.5 SECONDS FASTER than the current Twin Galaxies world record of 2:54.89:
CUREPUNK's comment on one of MrThunderwing's videos of that session - - was "Everyone was at such a high level that I couldn't afford to go easy on them."
- - -
I'd assumed the 2012 PS3 *Daytona USA* version was a port of the original arcade version; actually it's a port of the enhanced 2010 arcade re-release, *Sega Racing Classic*, which had already made the widescreen conversion:
That arcade release wasn't called "Daytona" because Sega didn't have the Daytona license at that time--they even changed the music to sound kind of like but not quite say the famous "DAYTO-NAAAAAA" lyric--the original line returns in the PS3 version.
Everyone probably knew this but that and all the lyrics in the original music were sung by the game's composer, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi.
And definitely probably everyone but me knew the original Daytona USA arcade game's director was Toshihiro Nagoshi. Daytona USA was the first game he directed; after its massive success he went on to be involved in nearly every game Sega would produce; he worked his way up to Creative Director of the company, before leaving to start his own studio last year. Among many other things, he created *Monkey Ball* and *Yakuza*.
Yes I've been reading Wikipedia again. : p
  paleface 21:39:35 11/29/22
Got a cheap "VOYEE" knock-off PS3 controller from Amazon, whose L2/R2 buttons DO work for Brake/Gas in the PS3 version of Daytona USA--unlike the DS4's--so here I am finally trying out the single-player modes and tracks! = D

CUREPUNK aka punk-rock-368 on PSN is "only" SECOND place on the Time Trial/Beginner Overall leaderboard--or well actually he's tied, but listed second.
The racing feel is so good! = oooo
  paleface 21:56:47 11/29/22
At least, once I swapped the 2nd and 3rd gear buttons around for myself--for some reason my darn brain just wouldn't get used to them the other way! Once I did that though it clicked right into place, go figure. = o
  paleface 21:00:28 02/15/23

Started off not thinking too hard and had a decent run, then a lot of flailing around, starting in 3rd gear (from hammering X trying to get the game to start the race faster : P) and jumping to the wrong conclusions for a while. Oh and a good streak of choking on lap 7 of 8. ;_; Eventually got things working a little bit at the end. Worked out gotta upshift just about right away--unless slowed unusually--coming out of that big Beginner track corner. And that Karaoke mode is a good way to chill out and try some alternate approaches in a no-timer environment.
In that 17"98 lap I had, I scraped two walls and hit a car right before the finish line, spinning out across it. : P
According to one of the game's info screens, you can draft behind other cars to gain speed.
Oh say I should really download and watch the replay of the top Time Trial/Beginner driver.
  paleface 02:10:52 05/24/23
This is not, of course, a chill out game. It's an arcade game: there's shaking, and juddering, and excitement, and quick button sequences.
  paleface 23:54:27 03/18/24

On PS3, playing SEGA games like or at least sort of like the five SEGA arcade games you can play in "Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name"--which I just played on PC, for comparison.
Daytona USA
Forgot the game specifically doesn't let you remap gas and brake. It doesn't support d-pad for steering. The steering is incredibly unresponsive--and grotesquely juddery--forcing you to resort to the super twitchy drifting mechanic on all but the mildest turns. This was not a good experience. Probably a lot better on the actual arcade cab.
Even the texture filtering is awful.
I'll stick to Sega Racing Classic 2 (Daytona 2) in Gaiden on PC. (Plus there can use Steam Input to set Gas as a toggle so my touchy ol' joints don't have to hold it.)
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