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Bagman Comes Back
  opened by paleface at 21:57:44 12/29/22  
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  paleface [sys=C64; cat=Puzzle; reg=EUR]
Mostly just got the C64 version of this new-levels version of the 1982 French convict maze game to compare CPU usage vs the Windows version (about 4% including emulator vs about 17% for the Windows version).
I was told Vice was the best C64 emulator so I got the latest and well it took a lot of twiddling: the actual C64 emu x64sc.exe is in the /bin directory with a ton of other exes and stuff, the default sound setting didn't work, settings to turn the video non-blurry were spread across about three different options screens, and the joystick wouldn't work because, it turned out, the game expected the joystick to be in port 2 rather than port 1! (Dunno if that's standard for C64 games.)
Well and also getting it to run a game ROM isn't obvious, eventually it's pretty easy though as long as you know to use File > Smart attach. I mean, my family had a C64 as a kid but I don't remember all that ,8,1 stuff exactly.
So once you get Vice running and filters and borders and stuff off it looks quite sharp!
Bagman Comes Back seems all right in it, maybe moving just a tad slower than the Windows version. Chunkier graphics, of course.
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· Bagman Comes Back (PC)

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