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Sonic Advance 3
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Sonic Advance 2 & 3
They start out somewhat innocuously but soon graduate up to criminally inscrutable boss fights and throwing me into pits.
So, having tried most of the official 2D Sonic games--except the xDS ones--I'll now go back to the first one I tried, which seemed at the time derivative and like I should play the games it was aping first: Sonic Mania. Well, I've played those games, and aside from Sonic 1, from which it didn't borrow as directly anyway, they were unpleasant to the player. So I suppose I can understand now why people think so highly of Mania, since it at least isn't all insane on your buns. It's a low bar for Sonic fans.
I put the three Sonic Advance games up on eBay for one lowball price and they sold within minutes, so that was cool.
  paleface 21:26:05 03/01/24
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