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Simple 1500 Series Vol.6: The Hanafuda
  opened by paleface at 13:28:30 05/03/24  
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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Strategy; reg=J]
Got in a Simple 1500 Series lot. ; )
  paleface 23:36:54 06/14/24
Controller has to be set to Digital in DuckStation.
  paleface 17:26:15 06/15/24

Vol.6: The Hanafuda
Nice chill music. With the help of some handy guides found through Google it didn't take me long to teach myself the very basics of the two Hanafuda variants here, Koi-Koi and Sakura; except a lot of the scoring comes down to whether you grabbed rather arbitrary sets of certain cards--yaku--so until you've memorized those which seems unlikely to be something I'll convince my silly brain to do you're still gonna be a bit at sea. And a heck of a lot seems to come down to luck anyway, although in Koi-Koi you can double down and go for it so that's fun when it pans out. Anyway chill tunes, didn't mind it.
^ Found that last one afterwards just to have a Wikipedia ref for Sakura. Sorta made things tough on myself by switching back and forth between the two variants and constantly confusing them. ; D Like, a few cards are classified as different suits depending on which variant it is, one MIGHT be a super-wildcard in one variant if the option is enabled--didn't seem to be on here, not sure if there's a way to turn it on, and so forth. HEY ME: on the second screen, Koi-Koi is the left button, the 2-player game; Sakura is the right button, the 3-player game.

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