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Ninja Assault
  opened by paleface at 19:11:35 08/31/03  
  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Light_Gun; loc=NA]
Yay for progressive-scan light-gun calibration! I'm not sure about the whole concept of ninjas assaulting places with multishot antique pistols (kind of puts the whole stealth aspect of this ninja thing out the window, eh?) but shooting demonic ninjas? Heck yeah!
Most of said demonic ninjas (as well as the occassional robotic ninjas) move very fast, and a lot of them shoot little quick projectiles like arrows or shuriken at you. Nothing fancy in the controls, just shooting and aiming off-screen and shooting to reload, as the camera bobs around like a ninja with a helmet cam. The tricky and varied AI attack routines and the quick pace of the action mean there's hardly ever a dull moment moment as you assault things, and if you get tired of the four remixed story modes (I hear they're short, haven't finished one yet myself) you can go play the minigames you've unlocked, supposedly some 32 total.
The minigames are even harder than the story mode so those should keep you busy for quite a bit longer than the average light gun game. Story mode is one or two player and the five training modes (more minigames, basically) can have two players as well. It's easy to slag on light gun games for being short, unoriginal and ugly (with their arcade-ported graphics) but you know, it seems like Namco put some decent effort in the extras for the console release. I'm enjoying this one so far.

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