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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Platformer; loc=North_America]
How can you pass up a game in the bargain bin whose backside proclaims that "Blasto is here to save Uranus!"? You can't. Fortunately, Blasto is something of a cheesy hoot (Chief: "Remember Blasto, Uranus is on the line." Blasto: "So what else is new?") with the late, great cheesemaster himself, Phil Hartman, doing the vocal honors for our square-jawed space hero.
Blasting space aliens is simple yet oddly amusing, helped perhaps by the goofy sound effects and simple controls. In a 3d platformer, jumping around in empty space on narrow floating platforms sounds daunting but thus far they haven't thrown anything too frustrating at me, and a variety of ridiculous weapon powerups and the occasional off-kilter Blasto quip keep things from getting stale.
Even with flat, untextured levels and a ridiculously short draw distance, the framerate bogs down when more than a couple enemies trundle into view, 'tis true, but the cornball karma overcomes all technical limitations.
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