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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Platformer; reg=JPN]
This game is bad. You might think that a shooter that alternates between different angles (horizontal, vertical, 3D forward, 3D backward) could have a lot going for it, and it could--if it didn't just suck in almost all respects. It's so bad, in fact, that I can't really bring myself to go back and play it again to recall the particulars of why I didn't like it.
It's atrociously ugly, and slow, and boring. The enemies do absolutely nothing interesting. Stages are quite long and multi-sectioned and if you have to continue, it means going all the way back to the very first section of the stage. Maybe they weren't that long, really, but they just seemed that way.
I remember a forward-flying pseudo 3D section where the viewing angle was such that you couldn't really tell where you were in relation to the incoming ships, and a side-scrolling section whose background looked like low-class neon vomit--you know, the kind of vomit that respectable vomit vomits on. Then there's the vertical section where big asteroids (well wait you're on a planetary surface so these must be... boulders?) come tumbling down the screen and you just have to get slowly out of the way, then you come to a boss who takes up a good chunk of the screen but just sort of staggers back and forth and shoots little lasers straight ahead over and over.
In the right hands that could be fun but it is not fun here. The game was released early in the PS1's life and must have been more of a technical demonstration (gratuitous chunky 3D stuff will impress the kidz!) rather than something meant to keep you entertained.

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