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  paleface [sys=GBA; cat=Shooter_3D; loc=JPN]
A twitch action game that has sucked me down its digital throat like few games before it. You, Vanessa Z. Schneider, hip-shakin', power suit wearin', energy-bolt shootin' cyber-mercenary extraordinaire, groove your way through level after level of square robots who can't handle your vibe. You've got the tightest butt in the galaxy and a selection of skin-tight color-coordinated armored suits with which to show it off.
Each suit, once duly purchased and upgraded, has, in addition to your meat-n-potatoes palm shot lasers, two super blasts activated by a quick two-direction input on the little-used D-pad. Each power move suits itself to a different situation; fortunately you can select which suit to wear on each mission. Suits come with replenishable barrier and super energy meters, also upgradable to carry more power. Credit to purchase all these sexy pyrotechnics comes from scrapping multiple robots in quick succession for your combo meter as well as by clearing a room without taking a hit.
Each mission I've been on so far consists of 10-20 rooms, almost all done up with white and black Star Wars decor, but in sleek curves rather than straight angles. In every room you'll face a handful of robots or laser barriers. Your pimped-out suits pack plenty of offensive punch but if you don't learn to leap, duck, and side-step incoming energy blast and missles you can kiss that sweet ass goodbye right quick. Fortunately, once you've learned the controls Vanessa shakes her can with alacrity and, more important, with style, as she seemingly compulsively twitches and twirls at your command to the pounding techno soundtrack.
Between missions you shop for suit upgrades and, should you need more cash, you can go on an unlimited number of trial missions composed of about 15 or so randomly-selected rooms found in the previous mission. Each room and each mission is graded on time for completion, enemies killed, and health lost. This is my favorite part of the game so far: boogyin' through mission after mission, going for score, going for time, going for the pure joy of quick reflexes, driving beats, and high energy destruction. Hell yeah.
Progressive scan support included.

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