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Speedball 2
  opened by paleface at 22:10:30 08/31/03  
  paleface [sys=GBA; cat=Sports; loc=EUR]
It isn't usually a good idea to buy something just for the sake of nostalgia but such thoughts rarely stop us when we're contemplating a purchase. Speedball 2, once my floppy-disk-based joy on the old Amiga 500, hasn't aged all that well over the years, or at least not on to the GBA. I don't remember exact particulars of the old Amiga version but I hope the sound was a bit better and control didn't have this slight feeling of delay to it. It doesn't help that the court is vertical but the GBA screen is very horizontal.
Still I find it gripping me as I smash around the court trying to get the little steel ball into the small goal, or trying to hit the score multiplier ramps or the little rebounder thingy. You've got the full League play here, or little pick-up games, but it's League play that I remember primarily and sure enough you can still train your guys in the gym, recruit high-powered free agents, and climb the ladder up to the championship or something (haven't got that far yet).
You couldn't call Crawfish's port of the Bitmap Brothers' original very inspired, and the biggest flash of energy is to be had in the spiffy rave music in the menus, but it's a decent translation that has preserved most of the fun of the original... well, except for the sound, that just sucks.

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