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Sub Rebellion
  opened by paleface at 02:21:52 09/01/03  
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  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Shooter_3D; reg=NA]
You know, I don't generally go for submarine games. Kinda like submarine movies, they always seem to come out slow and waterlogged. Now the action here ain't exactly lightning speed but Irem has at least steamlined the controls enough that all you really have to worry about is accelerating and shooting.
Oh and sonar, which is fun: you send out a "ping" to light up targets around you in this cool momentary colored wireframe sweep. The water effects also help things along, with all those blur and distortion filters that the PS2 seems to specialize in being put to effective use.
It ain't all just blowin' stuff up though: you can also search for ancient relics with your sonar and trade these in for cash to upgrade your sub. I don't like that you're pulled out of the action once you kill all the enemies, so you don't get to finish treasure hunting, but you can go back and replay each mission again, to get all the loot I guess. It'd be nice if the AI was a little more heads up, as you can barrage them with torpedoes from long range without them so much as blinking, but at least they're tenacious once you get close.
Nothing groundbreaking here and, though streamlined, the undersea action is still far more sluggish and strategic your usual shooter, but it's very well presented and rather a soothing change of pace. *Ping!*

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