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Bomberman Generation
  opened by paleface at 06:29:00 08/17/03  
  last modified by paleface at 12:27:18 03/05/24  
  paleface [sys=GC; cat=Platformer; reg=North_America]
Cute cel-shaded graphics and bombs... much like Bomberman Online on DC, really. A few different multiplayer modes and things but essentially the same thing as before.
The big difference is the single-player quest mode where you run through full-fledged 3D-platformer-style worlds blowing everything to smithereens. I love the free camera directed so responsively by the shoulder buttons, and the graphics sparkle.
The chintzy music becomes grating after a while, and I can't say I have a whole lot of patience with having to restart the whole long level if I die, slowly re-bombing the same things and listening to that damn egghead who calls me on my watch-phone (how Dick Tracy) to interrupt things any time I get to something interesting, even if I've gotten there for the 50-billionth time. It's also kind of tough to judge distance sometimes in the isometric view and bomb-aiming isn't as precise as one might like.
Still it's quite a bit beyond what any previous B-Man has done, single-player-wise, what with all the mini-games you find and the weird little monsters who boost your stats and who you feed and who fight other monsters for you sometimes (apparently, I haven't got that far yet) so that's something.
Damn that music is annoying.
  paleface 02:34:36 09/07/03
Doesn't support progressive scan output, I think.

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