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The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love.
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2D horizontal shooter action with Veritech fighters in between segments of the Macross anime movie. You don't get to see the whole movie, of course, but you get a pretty good deal of it all things considered, and its definitely high quality stuff. The game itself is decent, trying some new things that sort of work and sort of don't.
Mainly, there's a lot of stuff going on in the background and foreground as you're flying along in a horizontal 2D plane; for instance, battle pods will fly past way in the background, or zoomed up in mock perspective in the foreground, and shoot at you. Because they're out of your plane you can't hit them with your gun, and they can't run into you, but when there's a lot of stuff whizzing around it's rather hard to know who is in what depth plane at all times--I think I'd have preferred that they keep enemy formations all in one plane along with you, but I gotta admit the rippling explosions going on in the background in the space stages really make you feel like you're in the middle of a Robotech (yes I'm American damnit) space battle.
You've got your gun pod, your micro-missles which are unlimited and lock on to targets (even those in foreground and background, fortunately), a few bomb bursts (how that works on a Veritech I dunno, but hey this is a 2D shooter and what's a 2D shooter without bombs?!?), a corkscrew dodge maneuver (hard to tell how effective this really is), and transform buttons that let you transform into one or two of the Veritech's three modes, depending on the level (this seems rather arbitrary).
Some levels may scroll vertically instead of horizontally and now that I think of it this is probably the only situation where using the slower Battloid form is actually useful, since the upright stance is a smaller target for a vertical attacker. The weapons aren't upgradable or anything, aside from the fact that you can tweak certain of their characteristics in the options menu. You only have one life (lose it and Continue and you have to restart the current battle stage from the beginning) but you can take four or five hits per stage before dying.
Stages generally have you blowing your way through unorganized waves of passing-by attackers (often they're offscreen by the time you lock and fire your missles) until you get to a fight against a larger boss mecha/vehicle. Disorganized and mediocre action, really, except that the missles are fun and the crazy foreground/background stuff is going on all the time.
The movie sequences are nice, at least the first time. Robotech/Macross fans should get a kick out of it, shooter fans may or may not be pleased with it depending on how picky they are. The three-disc version has the game itself on two discs with the third containing playable demos of "Macross VF-X2" and "Patlabor the Game."
· The Super Dimension Fortress Macross (PS2)

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