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Twin Goddesses
  opened by paleface at 02:43:10 09/01/03  
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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Fighting; loc=JPN]
Amusingly horrible 2D fighting game with half digitized, half cartoon characters. See, two princesses have been digitized to fight against an evil digitized queen and save their kingdom of LOVERADIANT using the powers of LOVE and COURAGE, as we're told in the boring scrolling text intro, and of course they're all showing a fair amount of skin.
The queen has five or six animated henchpeople. The art style on these cartoons is rather nice but stands in stark contrast to the digitized girls, of course, who actually animate fairly well, considering. The thing is, they have almost nothing in the way of good attack moves, and there's been no attempt to balance them against the other characters--in fact the characters are purposefully unbalanced, with some of them having longer life meters even.
I guess this is supposed to promote replay value because even if you get your digitized butt kicked (you can only play as one of the two princesses in story mode, of course) you've still earned some money that you can spend in the Shop on powerup items like lighting strikes and stuff that you can use in later fights. So I suppose you save up your money from getting whupped in horribly unbalanced fights and buy items that unbalance the fight the other way and there you go.
Ugh. It's kind of sad too because graphically the game has a lot going for it, with nice character art and attractive backgrounds with simulated reflections, water ripples, fire, and other nice effects. Normally I'd be all for adding scantily clad women into this kind of environment but the poor gameplay manages to defeat what every hotblooded man would have thought would have been a resounding triumph.
Cheese value factor is rather high here, of course.
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