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The Ripping Friends
  opened by paleface at 23:39:16 09/01/03  
  paleface [sys=GBA; cat=Beat_em_up; loc=NA]
Portable beat-em-up adventure of "The World's Most Manliest Men." Or at least, it wants to be.
I like to think that this was a learning exercise for the designers. After having made it, for instance, they'll have learned, hopefully, that you don't make character sprites collide with each other in 2D beat-em-ups--they'll have noticed, just to give one example, that it sucks when you knock a guy down and the animation of his falling body pushes you backwards, or when you can't move in a fight against two people because you keep fetching up against the guy beside you. They'll also have learned that if you're going to make guys invulnerable for a little while after they get up, and you want to signify this by making them flash, you make the flashing stop when the invulnerability stops, not a few seconds afterwards.
So many things to learn. No doubt they'll have learned that you don't make the sound effects all sound like dull splats or horrid screams. That you don't indicate that a fallen guy has grabbed the player's ankle simply by making the guy's body suddenly point at the player and the player's body flash red. That if you're going to keep bringing in waves of badguys for no particular reason, that you at least spawn them in offscreen where the player can't see them suddenly appearing out of thin air, rather than doing it right under his nose. That if you're going to try having a combo system, you allow the player to hit the badguys more than just one at a time before rendering the badguy invulnerable for another four seconds. That you give your cartridge a save feature rather than expecting that players are going to want to play your game after discovering that they'll have to write down passwords every time. And that you make the freaking hit detection actually follow the shapes of the sprites.
Yep, this development team will have learned a lot. I look forward to their next game.

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