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Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
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  "Hot-footin' it around the first little boss."
I've yet to get into one of the 2D Castlevanias, I think it's because I find the 2D maze thing kind of off-putting, as I did in Metroid. All that climbing up and falling down--I don't like skiing, either. :P I mean to try to get into them, mind you, I just haven't yet. Somehow I've found this game much easier to get into--and hey, since it's supposed to be a prologue, it would make sense to play it before the other ones, right?
Eheh. So why do I like it more. Well, it feels more intuitive to me to run around on flat ground beating things up around me rather than jumping up and down platforms all the dang time. And the graphics are pretty. And it isn't all that hard at the beginning. Those things help.
I guess the music in this one branches out a bit compared to the earlier Castlevanias, getting into some downright techno riffs. Well, I like that kind of stuff, so thumbs up says I.
It's hard to pick out other specific things to mention because it's all really well done. So I won't, and I'll just say that it's all really well done. If you want a 3D adventure game with lots of action, maybe a tad of simple puzzle stuff here and there (I don't really like puzzles in my action games, but so far they've been unobstrusive), atmosphere you can cut with a knife and top-notch sound and graphic design, this'll hit the spot.
Oh and thank you Konami for leaving the Japanese voice option in, the American actors sound a bit cheesy. Is it a national failing or something? I think our actors just can't work on a game with a straight face. ;)
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