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Atsumare!! Made in Wario
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  "Wario Ware and Made in Wario are pretty much the same game."
It's not often you see a console port of a GBA game but Nintendo has done it here in what's basically a port of the GBA's "Wario Ware," with four-player multiplayer added in.
Now, that's not too bad a thing. Sure you'll be a bit shocked seeing GameBoy Player-quality graphics shooting out of a native GC game but certainly four-player mini--excuse me, MICRO-game madness was just the step that Wario Ware should have taken. Yes? No? Well, it does okay but it's no Gacharocku (see entry 92).
For starters, some of the multiplayer modes, all of whose job it is to serve up predominately single-player microgames in a multiplayer, turn-taking type of format, just fall pretty flat and you're left wondering "how is this multiplayer, really?" Like the disco mode: looks cool as your characters gig in spotlights in front of a crowd, and the spotlight picks the player to play the next minigame, and the person who loses a minigame loses part of their audience, but watching other players lose does not a multiplayer game make.
Some modes do better, like the one where the players pump up a balloon while one plays games, and he who's stuck playing games (if you lose you have to play again) when the balloon pops, loses. And the Othello one, that one's pretty good. Still, scattered throughout all of these are no more than, maybe, 10 or so actual multiplayer games, and the few that were there were not particularly memorable.
Single-player does fine, no complaints there. The little ending movies are high resolution now, though the games remain GBA-resolution. A big word of warning though: if you mean to play single-player all the way through (and there's a cool vertical shooter game in the credits near the end) you'll have to win past Orbulon's boss fight, in which he requires you to pick three correctly-spelled words in succession from pairs where one is a typo. The problem--the words (or typos) are in Japanese. I memorized most of the correct answers (the questions come randomly but there aren't that many really) and finally got through with a little luck, but it wasn't fun.
Oh yeah, all games can be practiced at will now right from the beginning. You couldn't do that in the GBA version, could you?
A real downer here is lack of VGA (or progressive scan, if you prefer). I thought that was pretty much standard in all Nintendo releases these days--live and learn, I guess. Ironically, this means that the GBA version looks significantly better than the GC game on my screen. That's not really a compliment to the GC game.
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