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Final Fantasy X-2
  opened by paleface at 01:29:19 01/13/04  
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  "Bang goes the gun."
Just a screenshot for now.
  paleface 04:42:11 02/07/04
Sort of a quick little splurge of a game as far as RPGs go. The active time battle system is a rush, and the campy happy story a nice trip at first, but by the end, which comes along rather quickly, you find that the battle system, with so many options at your fingertips, can be pretty unbalanced, and that the story in the end doesn't even involve the main characters.
Now, if you're one of those folks who glories in getting 100% of the game clear, you'll find yourself well catered to here, as the super-abundant minigames and side quests will have you poking around the game world for... well, probably a long time. I was happy doing these as I stumbled across them for a while but eventually realized that they are almost without exception some of the most annoying puzzles and/or action games I'd ever played. I tried to like them but they hate me.
So I began ignoring them and quite happily sat around levelling up on my own just in random encounters, and having fun exploiting the battle system. But it couldn't last, the story is miniscule and really uninvolving, and by the time I slaughtered the last bit of the last boss (totally disappointing pushovers, shocking really as I had previously encountered at least two bosses who were really, really tough) I didn't care anymore. I finished with only 53% of the game experiences, according to its own reckoning, but I have absolutely no desire to subject myself to more irksome minigames with horrid controls just to get more percentage points of completion ticked on.
Hopefully the next real Final Fantasy will be a return to epic swords and sorcery. And hold the giant chickens--let's try having some frickin' dignity next time around, eh?
· Final Fantasy X (PS2)

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