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  "Just hangin' out in the tutorial."
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  "Kunoichi ("Female Ninja") is the follow-up to Shinobi ("Ninja") "
Aka "Kunoichi" in Japan, which according to the English intro in this version means "female ninja." And that makes a whole hell of a lot more than "Nightshade," but perhaps I digress.
I need to go finish Shinobi (entry 250) before I dig into this. So far it has all the speed of the earlier game with more of a techno style. Feels very promising. I've seen the first level, a ride through a city on the back of a stealth bomber in which among other things you keep yourself busy by kicking away air-to-air missles fired from attacking stealth fighters, and---wow. They didn't hold much back there.
· Shinobi (PS2)

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