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NeoGeo Cup '98 Plus
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  "B&W and Color versions of SNK's pocket footy."
I bought this hoping that, like was rumored with Pocket Tennis, the earlier black and white version would be more challenging than the color version (see entry 399). Unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact it plays exactly the same (so much that you can link the two, I think), only without color.
  paleface 23:09:52 02/25/24
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NeoGeo Cup '98 Plus
Initial, b&w version of...
NeoGeo Cup '98 Plus Color
Kinda cute national team tournament soccer w/ absurd clothing stat-boost items to collect (don't get too attached--thieves will steal them). Gameplay's a bit maddening as it seems nearly impossible to pass to your CPU teammates, who a) are usually offscreen and b) always seem to run the other way than you'd expected; meanwhile, the CPU always has 2-3 players right on you. Back in the day I found a spot to shoot from pretty far out and to the side that goalies couldn't block; darned if I remember where it was. ; )
· NeoGeo Cup '98 Plus Color (NGPC)

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