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Hacha Mecha Fighter
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  paleface [sys=PCB; cat=Shooter_Horiz; reg=JPN]
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  "Attract movie 1: shooting giant turnips in a curly-Q sunset."
Gorgeously bright horizontal shooter with unusually big sprites--everything feels extra big and spritely, really, from the rainbow-colored backgrounds of highly stylized land and sea-scapes to the super cute animal character sprites, amongst whom your own character, a sea otter or something, vies for supreme cuteness as his little hind legs and tail dangle down below his miniature airplane that he wears like a life preserver.
Even the weapon upgrade sprites are super colorful, and the weapons themselves, once powered up, shoot forth an astounding array of giant vegetables. Not only that, Bombs aren't really Bombs here, they're "Bigs," and grow your dangly mammal to super invulnerable size for a short period of time.
But cuteness can also turn on you. The bullets are cute shining crystals, but they're big and hard to dodge. Your dangly belly and legs are inconveniently horizontal--just right for intercepting those big bullets in painful fashion. This is a big, tough sugar cookie of a game, with rainbow sprinkles on top.
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