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Seven Samurai 20XX
  opened by paleface at 05:00:38 03/16/04  
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  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Beat_em_up; reg=NA]
From Dimps, ex-SNK people and makers of a 2D fighter of their own, Inuyasha (entry 132).
Maybe they should have stuck to 2D because while this looks fairly nice, the framerate is horrible whenever you're fighting--which is pretty much all the time. Really, you just start swinging your sword(s) and thhhhhheeeeee gaaaaaaammmmme ssssslllllowwwwwws way dowwn. Oops.
The enemies are incredibly brainless and just come shambling right at you, I didn't find any with interesting attacks, either, even after mashing away for a good half-hour. It was also way too easy--the kind of game where boredom threatens much more than the enemies.
Granted the thing looks nice enough when you're slicing through yet another wave of a dozen sloths (kind of like Fantavision, entry 360, with colorful explosions everywhere) but the thing was so slow and incredibly repetitive that I had plenty of time to think of what other, more dynamic games I could have been playing at that moment. I finally gave up the ship when I got to some kind of ramshackle town where you have to, like, stop slicing things and talk to various dirty freaks. Why stick that in the middle of an action game?

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