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Hit the Ice: The Video Hockey League
  opened by paleface at 06:34:25 04/03/04  
  last modified by paleface at 12:25:50 03/05/24  
  paleface [sys=PCE; cat=Sports; reg=JPN]
Two-on-two no-holds-barred hockey action here, with some pretty slick controls and AI to handle the second, AI character. Goals can be hard to pull off but snappy passing back and forth with the second character really helps.
  paleface 03:21:28 04/04/04
Awesomeness from Taito with some very nice sprites. There are a number of players to choose from, although it seems like your striker is selected somewhat automatically once you've picked your goalie.
Two buttons: one to shoot/hit, one to pass/call-for-pass. It can be a bit tricky because when your AI wingman has the puck, pressing your hit key (to punch someone) causes him to shoot if you miss. Similar thing happens with the goalie when he's near the puck. You get used to it though, and just bashing the opposition goes a long way anyhow (of course, they do the same to you).
Each player seems to have a signature move of sorts, or something. I haven't figured out how to do these, yet, but they include slapshots, lob shots, windup punches, and so forth. I wish I knew how to do those.
There are no options so you're stuck with fairly beatable AI (once you get the hang of things, that is) and rather long match lengths. Ooh, there's also the tournament mode, I haven't tried that--just been doing Vs. mode. In Vs you can do up to four players which is probably a lot of fun.
  paleface 03:23:51 04/04/04
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  "Three goals = hot lips."
Oh, there are also some semi-random events, like dangerous garbage thrown on the ice by fans (including live, entangling octopi), and a power boost that makes the player move really fast and basically kick everyone's ass for a minute or so.
  paleface 01:16:00 05/15/19
Oh boy does this get repetitive fast; you can't stay away from defenders for very long, so it's just a lot of knocking each other down, back and forth. Also, the sound effects are really terrible.

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