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Hany on the Road
  opened by paleface at 05:46:23 04/06/04  
  last modified by paleface at 13:17:46 02/24/19  
  paleface [sys=PCE; cat=Platformer; loc=JPN]
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  "Things are heating up for Hany--where's Lemon when you need him?"
Unique and challenging horizontal scrolling platformer where you move up and down four parallel paths trying to avoid baddies. Two-player (Hany and Lemon) is fun, since the two can hit each other ;). The level variety is quite impressive.
  paleface 02:45:12 04/08/04
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  "Watch out, Lemon!"
Some stages are auto-scrolling, some you can move along at your own pace, and some scroll the opposite direction (right to left, pretty mindblowing really).
Various holes or bad guys come charging down the four paths, you can choose to try jumping them, kicking them, or switching to a neighboring path to avoid them. A simple game indeed, but executed oh-so-well.
You can play two characters at once with just a single controller, this is especially challenging since they will sometimes drift fairly far apart, yet your input affects both equally. In this attached screenshot, for instance, Lemon has slipped on ahead. I could have him do a flip kick to take out that blue meany in front of him, but then Hany (the yellow prophylactic-looking fellow) would do the same thing, and might not recover in time to avoid the blue dude bearing down in his own lane.
  paleface 02:48:03 04/08/04
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  "This is still Hany on the Road. There's a game called Hany in the Sky, but it sucks."
The game may be massive--at the beginning it shows a world map with oh over a dozen levels in interleaved branching format, and I think this is just one world of many, because it starts me back at the beginning of this map when I continue (so there must be multiple worlds or "continue" would be pretty useless, right?).
The guys in this screenshot are tough: you can't jump over them. I think you might be able to flip-kick them but I haven't managed that yet. This game is pretty tough.
  paleface 13:17:46 02/24/19
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