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  paleface [sys=PCE; cat=Shooter_Horiz; reg=JPN]
One of the most horrible horizontal shooters I've ever played, Rock-On revels in such delights as a default movement speed too slow to evade the enemies that rocket on to the screen, a one-unit-boosted speed that is too fast, additional speed levels that are far too fast to control, so you have to dodge all the speed powerups it throws at you constantly, spotty collision detection, incredible slowdown with six or more enemy bullets on the screen, a weapon system that keeps giving you redundant secondary weapons over and over, level design that essentially requires that you have a certain type of weapon even though you lose all your weapons if you die and, best of all-- Wait, I'm going to break off a new paragraph for this one.
Best of all, Rock-On has the amazing invention of infinity powerups. 'What do they do' you ask? Quite simply, they come out after you beat a level boss, and they make the level loop. Want to play the first level over and over? Just keep getting the infinity powerup. Got the infinity powerup accidentally? Enjoy playing through the first level again! Wahahahaaa!
Does anything redeem this game? Hm. Well, the music is okay, though you'll quickly get sick of it looping. The level size is a bit novel in that you can fly up and down about three screens height--which leaves you feeling like you're always missing something. And the intro text (that's all it is is text by the way) is a marvelous bit of Engrish, really great. I think I bought the game for that text alone. It scrolls by too fast to read unless you screenshot it, so once you see those screenshots, you'll pretty much have experienced the best of the game, and should quit while you're ahead.
  paleface 23:51:52 05/09/04
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  "Intro part 1: My god, it's like they've known me all my life."
... means." Dang.
  paleface 19:15:31 02/18/19

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