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Break In
  opened by paleface at 02:10:24 05/13/04  
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  paleface [sys=PCE; cat=Sports; loc=JPN]
Naxat Soft could do little wrong on the PCE, they even managed to ace a pool game. Break In sports fine physics, pleasant graphics, soothing tunes, a relaxed sort of 20's atmosphere, and lots of players and modes to keep you busy.
Challenge and Trick Shot modes will test your skills--heck, I just watch the CPU hit these shots and my jaw drops (there's some impressive slowdown when a lot of balls are flying around at once, and also lengthy pauses if the CPU has to dream up a miracle shot on its own--which it is quite capable of doing!). Challenge mode seems to have some kind of "story" to it as you go along beating different players (who have markedly different skill levels, incidentally).
You can even play with four players (2 on 2) if by some freak of chance you have three other retro video pool fans around. If not, well, single player certainly slake your thirst on its own. Already I have seen a computer player carom the ball off two other balls, twice off the bumper, and in to the hole. Yowch.
  paleface 01:01:22 02/20/19
  paleface 19:07:41 03/10/23
Despite the '20s atmosphere, it has been pointed out that based on the characters' birth dates the game must take place in the '50s.
  paleface 19:08:11 03/10/23
Oh right, addition. Specifically, it takes place in 1955. ^ _^

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