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Psycho Chaser
  opened by paleface at 03:50:06 05/13/04  
  last modified by paleface at 21:46:37 02/22/19  
  paleface [sys=PCE; cat=Shooter_Vert; loc=JPN]
Another example of Naxat Soft pulling off some truly impressive high-speed spriteage, Psycho Chaser has you playing some armored dude running up the screen blowin' stuff up. If only life were that simple.
Actually it gets a bit more complicated since you have to swap between four or five weapons on the fly. Each of the weapons has an advantage in certain situations, for instance the Fire beam is great for taking out big bosses straight ahead of you, but if they get behind you'll want to switch to the rear-spread-shot thing or Thunder, the enemy-seeking electrical attack.
Your dude rips right along and it can be very tricky to make sure you have the right weapon out given the enemies around you. You've also got to watch out for rocks, barriers, and other sorts of things that could pin you against the bottom of the screen. Oh, and after completing a level you get "Psycho Energy" to power up your weapons a certain amount, so the trick becomes powering up the right weapon for that particular level. As you might guess this really involves a certain amount of memorization of the stages, though of course if you were really good you could get through with any weapon at any power level--HA right, dream on.
Frenetic shooting action, some memorization and strategy and lightning-fast execution make for an impressive game. It isn't your usual vertical shooter but you just might like it anyway.
  paleface 21:46:37 02/22/19

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