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Choro Q Marine: Q Boat
  opened by paleface at 19:50:48 08/17/03  
  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Driving; loc=JPN]
It's super-deformed racing on water this time around but those cute nautical hulls hide deadly claws: cannons! Yep, if some jerk in a speedboat cuts off your Spanish galleon, just heave-ho and knock him into the next ocean with a few well-aimed lead balls. Or fire away with a special pickup weapon you snagged on the last lap.
I don't see any options for upgrading your craft as you can in most of the other Choro Q games, which sort of streamlines the gameplay for better or worse, but there appear to be well over a hundred different ships and submarines, 15 race courses, 15 missions, and a number of things to do in a "Story" mode, almost all of which things must be unlocked by winning races and/or collecting certain items on the tracks. The bright and sunny sea graphics manage to avoid some of the chunkiness found in the other Q racers and thankfully that annoying high-pitched pocket racer engine sound has been replaced on these smooth waters with the gentle hissing of your bow cutting the waves. A lovely change of pace in the Choro Q line.

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