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Pop'n Magic
  opened by paleface at 03:06:05 05/25/04  
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  paleface [sys=PCCD; cat=Platformer; loc=JPN]
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  "Boy blunders in to a monster while ghost looks on smiling."
Cute super-deformed single-screen platformer along the lines of Bubble Bobble (entry 31) and Don Doko Don (entry 452). Here you play a boy or girl wizard, encasing monsters in force bubbles by zapping them with your magic wand. Then you gotta pick the bubbles up and throw them in to each other, at which point, if you've matched the right bubble colors against each other (this point is still a bit vague for me), they explode in showers of point-laden fruit.
Very nice presentation with anime-style cutscenes, well-drawn colorful sprites, animated backgrounds, and happy tunes. I have the feeling that I like this game more than I should (and I don't even really understand the whole bubble-popping thing) but to hell with it, sometimes you just gotta go with your feelings.

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