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  paleface [sys=PCE; cat=Sports; reg=JPN]
Charming little fantasy sports game, plays pretty much like baseball except of course that you can throw the ball directly at baserunners to tag them out.
The game is so simple, in fact (there's really nothing to pitching, since they all roll right over the plate, except that you get a limited number of power throws per game that are close to unhittable), that you can't really play it for long against the computer. Against a human, though, it makes for darn good fun, as you get in to all kinds of weird little running battles, with fielders gunning the ball at runners, the runners jumping to dodge it and then dashing madly for base, etc.
The teams are quite strange (tentacled aliens, walruses, anime girls, etc), the graphics powerfully cute, and the tunes light and bouncy. That's about all there is to the game, however, so don't come here looking for league play or anything like that.
  paleface 15:33:59 06/06/04
The teams don't feel exactly balanced. For instance, when I played as the anime girl team (and each player on a team looks and plays exactly alike) they never ran to assist each other in fielding the ball, but then when I played as the tentacled aliens, they would run over and help out, which made a huge difference.
Playing Vs the computer I hit a lot of weird fielding moments where a fielder would throw the ball at someone and it would end up lying on the field, just spinning in place, with no fielder near it able to move to pick it up. Once I had it sitting at about the pitcher's mound and had to bring in my outfield to get it. Fortunately the CPU didn't take advantage of that, because he could have easily rounded the bases and scored.
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