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Ninja Spirit
  opened by paleface at 04:52:53 06/12/04  
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  paleface [sys=PCE; cat=Platformer; loc=JPN]
Nifty arcade platformer from Irem in which you get to play not just a ninja, but a GHOST NINJA. OMG!~
You can pick up option ninja, who ghost along behind you, firing when you fire, and you gotcher weapon powerups and stuff, and a bunch of different weapons to toggle with the select button: sword, shuriken, grenades, bladed grapples and er maybe something else I'm forgetting. Once you've got a couple option ninjas mirroring you, with say charged up spread-shot shuriken (that's 3x3=9 shuriken per press of the button, folks), you've got some serious ninja carnage going on.
And all the more so because who comes after you? Other ninja! And unlike so-called "modern" games in which you kill an enemy and he stays dead, this game is old-ninja, son, and those ninja just keep coming until you decide to move forward. It's ninja-on-ghost-ninja action baby, to the hilt! The bosses, of course, are big ninja monsters, who you have to slay with your spiritual ninja powers after fighting through wave after wave of their hench-ninja. Ninja!
Amidst all the ninja carnage you can at times get some nasty ninja slowdown. The damage system can be a bit misleading too--you have five health levels per life, and the little guys only take one off per hit, but then again certain types of them, and some bosses, kill you from full health with one hit, so watch it! You almost might as well just play in "Arcade" mode, where you can only take one hit per life ever. That of course is for the hardcore, which I am not. Ninja.
This game is freakin' ninja, and you should ninja get it.
· Irem Arcade Hits (PC)

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