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South Park
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  paleface [sys=PBL; cat=Pinball; reg=NA]
By Sega.
Fans of the show might love this I suppose as fart jokes and gay jokes and more fart jokes, as voiced by the South Park cast, peal out of the speakers every time the ball hits something. Perhaps I am alone in the world in finding those voices irritating, but such is my burden. The plastic gadgets on this table seemed a little more interesting than the ones on the Williams tables but it was hard to see them distinctively due to the dense spotting of little South Park character drawings sprinkled generously on every painted surface. It looks like someone had a sticker pack with 1000 little South Park stickers and decided to try to fit them all on a single pinball table. As pinball camoflauge they prove surprisingly effective though generally I prefer to be able to see what I'm doing in a pinball game.
Two big animatronic plastic things at the top of the table stood out from the vomit of character drawings: a giant toilet which flushes itself when you hit certain things (classy) and a large figure of eternally doomed Kenny. Since Kenny had some traps around him I set about trying to nail him and got the ball into a big trap that runs around behind him. And waited for the ball to come out. And it didn't. After a while the table sensed that something was amiss and began thrashing Kenny's body around like a thing possessed in a vain programmed attempt to dislodge the ball from his ass. After a minute or so of watching this my amusement turned to remorse for poor Kenny, so I gave the table a few solid body checks and the ball popped out from somewhere. Now that's gameplay!
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