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Kiaidan 00
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  "Shooters by Alfa System."
Horizontal shooter by Alfa System (of more recent Shikigami no Shiro fame, see entry 249 and entry 357) in which you control one of those giant robots of which the young consumers of Japan seem so fond.
Kiaidan 00 (the robot) is a special chap, being able to shoot his fist off as just one secondary attack of one of his five or so weapon systems, all of which he can use right from the get-go. Some of the weapons are pretty creative, especially in their charge attack (just don't fire and they'll charge up on their own for a big attack), which may be something like a huge bolt of lightning crossing the entire screen or a massive chain mace suddenly wielded by Kiaidan 00.
The HUD takes up a lot of the screen, they stick story elements (talking heads) there too, so the live play display and the sprites inside it are on the small side. Backgrounds aren't slouching in the parallax department though, and lots of the giant robot designs look pretty nice. The game moves smoothly, albeit with a certain amount of sprite flicker. The music and anime intros are pretty well done.
The shooting itself has good design and pacing, you can see where certain of your weapons would be more optimal than others, but the game doesn't absolutely force you to switch between them if you don't want to. The enemy waves, not too big and not too small, impress with their coordination.
Kiaidan is not a big double zero! He is mighty! Fear Kiaidan!
  paleface 14:00:46 05/25/19
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