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Kensetsu Juuki Kenka Battle: Buchigire Kongou!!
  opened by paleface at 23:43:26 07/10/04  
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  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Fighting; reg=JPN]
The title babelfishes as "Constructive Sigeki quarrel battle spotted ?? solid!," which isn't very revealing. It was apparently released in Europe as "BCV: Battle Construction Vehicles."
You'd think that you couldn't go wrong with a fighting game in which the characters do battle in massive construction vehicles. Well, I was wrong about that. This game does not control well. To be specific, the controls are junk. For starters the game refuses to have anything to do with an arcade stick, even though it makes no use of analog input anywhere. In a fight, you have one or two button attacks where your vehicle, depending on which one it is, does something along the lines of lurching to one side or other before swinging whatever sort of armature it has. It is connects, which is doubtful given the lurch before the attack, sparks fly off the enemy vehicle and they take a little damage. Repeat. Don't try driving around because your vehicle moves like a bus--a drunk bus, actually, since sometimes it seems to want to go the wrong way for some reason.
To break up the joy of smashing big orange vehicles together over an over, sometimes the rope on your little damage sign breaks. Mashing the shoulder buttons and Square is involved here somehow, and then if you're close to the opponent, which isn't hard given that you're already smashing in to each other, you hit them with a super attack. These can be amusing little canned cinematics like turning part of your vehicle into a giant bat and clubbing them in to the stratosphere, or having a giant bee come sting their vehicle. No lie! It is amazing.
Those attacks may be unblockable, and they do something like around 33% damage. So whoever gets off two of those between the constant smashing usually wins. Yay! Then in story mode it's time to see a well done little anime clip, skip through some not-so-well-drawn comic slideshow conversations, and fight some other vehicle in yet another dusty construction yard (it could very well have been the same yard each time, they aren't really big on scenery). It looks as though to open up more than just the two default characters for Vs, you will have to play through Story mode, but I'm not sure who would have the patience for that.
Some of the cartoon clips are amusing in a small way, and they look nice. In fact I read somewhere that this might have been one of the very first PS2 games on DVD, and you can see that they're kind of showing off their video playback ability. Unfortunately the game in between the video clips is very sad.

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