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Looney Tunes: Back in Action
  opened by paleface at 03:08:36 08/14/04  
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This game was a free gift and for some reason I decided to try playing it rather than throwing it straight in the bin. And it bored me to tears in about five minutes.
You can switch between Bugs and Daffy and run around boring isometric levels (well I only ran around one level, but in theory there are later ones too). The graphics are nice enough but the levels--ugh. For one thing, the default control has you moving in diagonal directions when pressing straight directions on the d-pad. I could swear that this has worked okay in other games but it seems completely alien here. Fortunately you can switch it so that you move in the same direction as your d-pad press; unfortunately, the levels include lots of narrow little diagonal bridges that you can't really navigate without the control set the crazy diagonal way. One wrong step and SPLOOSH into the drink and back to the beginning of that tedious part of the level.
Additionally, things seem to be laid out pretty much randomly and you can sometimes jump between areas in ways that seem unintended. Similarly, within 10 minutes I got myself trapped by running back into an area I had just triggered--this time it didn't trigger, although the door shut behind me, and I was stuck inside. Yay.
You can pick some things up and throw them at the badguys but they're hard to aim in the isometric view and only stun the badguys--and you can usually run around the badguys, so why bother stunning them? In the beginning Foghorn Leghorn has you doing a bunch of fetch tasks, mostly involving catching little monkies scattered seemingly at random around the seemingly randomly design levels. Oh, the joy. Oh also, although he sometimes gives you a boomerang to stun the monkies with, sometimes after you get hit you lose the boomerang and he won't give you another, so you're out of luck until you like die or something. It's rather confusing.
The graphics look pretty decent, although the isometric view is very constrained. The music repeats rapidly and rapidly gets irritating. I think I'm starting to repeat myself too so I'll just knock off by saying that you probably don't want to go buy this game and if someone gives it to you, you probably should just toss it in the bin--and that person probably isn't really your friend.
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