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Dino Stalker
  opened by paleface at 00:39:46 08/18/03  
  last modified by paleface at 12:27:18 03/05/24  
  paleface [sys=PS2; cat=Light_Gun; reg=NA]
A first-person shooter disguised as a light gun game. Oh, plus you shoot dinosaurs. What could be finer? Calibrates properly on my VGA screen which is a rare thing outside of Namco light-gun games. So the little GunCon2 D-pad pans your view around and moves you forward/back, the A and B buttons strafe, C button switches weapons or ammo types or something (I haven't got any additional weapons yet because I thought you could shoot them to collect them but apparently this just destroys them, go figure :P).
The first stage is neat as you parachute down through the sky with pterodactyls swooping at you and flaming pieces of your plane coming at you from all directions. Don't worry though, you've got a little radar thingy that shows you moving stuff nearby. The next level is jungle exploration and it's kind of fun to be moving along a jungle path in free 3D while shooting with a light gun, and you can blow up just about anything (trees, fallen over trees, uh, boxes) just by shooting it.
What with the minor exploration element, the pace is slower than the usual on-rails light gun style games, except that you've got a timer that's constantly running down though it can be increased a bit by picking up "crystals" or something that you collect from dead enemies or little hiding places around the level. I wish it didn't have a time limit; I mean, why?
It also would have been nice if it had two-player support, dunno how they'd have divided up the controls that way though... Without any other modes it's probably a fairly short game but it looks good and the FPS-style control makes for a rather unique light gun experience. In the early going it's been a bit easy aside from the darn timer (that I learned about the hard way, bluh), hopefully the dinos get smarter and faster later on.

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