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CT Special Forces 2
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  paleface [sys=GBA; cat=Platformer; reg=NA]
Apparently this was some kind of super stealth release and is hard to find. I only played it briefly, and yeah I guess it's sorta reminiscent of Metal Slug (see entry in that you run or drive along in a side view shooting badguys, and there's a military theme overall, but CTSF2 doesn't have anything like the animation quality or the creative inspiration of Metal Slug.
The death animations are pretty good, actually, but otherwise there isn't a whole lot going on in that department. The knife attack, used at short range, is particularly bad, having what appears to be one whole frame of animation.
As for creative inspiration, you pretty much run your faily generic, faceless military killer along and shoot conventional weapons at terrorists (ripped from today's headlines, omg!). It isn't particularly inspiring. There are some shooter levels, interestingly enough--the one I played was vertical, in a helicopter, and of all things it was an escort mission (gack!) where I had to protect a convoy of trucks. The enemies were dull and the attack patterns made it hard to get to many of them without getting hit before they swept back offscreen. Blah.
Navigation in the regular game can be a bit fiddly because they were so intent on creating gritty, realistic-looking burnt-out building backgrounds that they didn't pay much attention to making it very clear where you can and can't move. I also found myself having to jump off the tops of buildings a lot, and this is sort of lame because you lose health when you land from a long fall--but darned if I was going to WALK back down to the bottom of the building.
I went through a couple levels and didn't face a boss. I wonder if there are any? At the beginning of the levels you are treated to very boring and poorly-written radio conversations. They're trying to be like Metal Gear Solid, right down to the weird codenames the people have, but the end result just made me want to skip through them quickly, which I did.
My play session ended with a pretty spectacular bug: killed by a kick at the top of a ladder (too lazy to try to find where I could stand below to shoot upwards and take the guard out), the camera sudddenly shot off through the sky to the right, then dropped down below the ground and stayed there as I respawned. I could shoot and see my ammo count going down, but I couldn't seem to move and I couldn't see my character. It was pretty neat. I'd have taken a screenshot but, eh, in the end it just wasn't worth the effort.
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