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Spikeout: Battle Street
  opened by paleface at 15:06:00 04/12/05  
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  paleface [sys=XBX; cat=Beat_em_up; reg=NA]
No, this isn't a street volleyball game, it's a beat-em-up, sort've a 3D "Streets of Rage" (see entry 664). I wish Sega would just release a real Streets of Rage compilation though.
It's not that Spikeout is horrible, but playing it, I just can't help but think how the camera and control problems would vanish if the game were side-scrolling 2D.
My main beef, and keep in mind that I've only played this four-player-co-op, is that the multiplayer is split-screen. Not only does this mean that you're squinting at your battle scene on a tiny quarter of the screen, but also you can easily wander away from the group and end up in nowheresville while all the badguys spawn in somewhere else in the level, and you miss the whole fight. This is a bummer.
And then what with going 3D they've added the apparently requisite additional buttons and controls needed to get around a 3D space, and the control just isn't as intuitive and simple and fun as the old 2D games. It seems sharp enough, I'll admit, but I just sorta mashed the whole time without feeling like I was learning how to do things right. This could very well be my own fault, but I think everyone else was mashing, too. I can definitely say that having to press a d-pad direction plus two buttons at once is a silly way to have to pick up a weapon off the ground.
The environments and enemies, even the bosses, didn't really make much of an impression, but then again four-player 3D co-op, in tiny splitscreen, is so frenetic that it's hard to get much of an impression of anything. I'd be interested to play this single-player and see what I was missing.
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