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Radiant Silvergun
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Pretty much the same as the arcade version (see entry 365) as far as I know, but if you don't have an arcade cab you can fork over more money for the Saturn CD-ROM version. Has a lengthy anime intro that I suppose the arcade version doesn't have. The Silverguns, by the way, support two-player co-op, don't think I mentioned that before.
On the Saturn version, you can swing the sword using the right trigger, instead of having to press three buttons together. Press the trigger once to do a full stroke around your ship, or hold it to trail the sword around--now if you move your d-pad in a circle, the sword will do a full circular swing as it follows you, and you can also, by moving in the opposite direction, get it to stick out the side of your ship and into an enemy ship, where it will continue doing damage to the poor enemy. Charge its meter up by hitting pink bullets with it, then triggering it again will do the big super-big double-sword strike in a roughly 180 arc in front of your ship, taking out whatever's in the way.
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