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Demon Sword
  opened by paleface at 03:03:04 08/08/05  
  paleface [sys=NES; cat=Platformer; loc=NA]
Jump through a bamboo forest, ninja-hopping weightlessly from tree to tree like something out of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or whatever that movie was. Then, after a while, realize that the forest is simply looping under you, and you have to find a key or something somewhere to open a cave door. Brave rampaging ninjas with your throwing stars and piddly sword for a while in an attempt to find a key, then give up and write a review. Hey, I've come full circle here!
The effortless tree hopping seems nice, but yeah, can't find no key, I should stop playing games now because I'm no good.
· Taito Memories: Last Volume (PS2)

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