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Advance Wars: Dual Strike
  opened by paleface at 18:24:05 09/05/05  
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  paleface [sys=DS; cat=Strategy; reg=NA]
Advance Wars comes to the DS with many more commanding officers to choose from, a new, even bigger tank unit (at least I think that's new), and probably new campaign stuff. I only played the first non-story Battle map, and it seemed just like Advance Wars on GBA (see entry 716), only this being the DS you can click things around with the stylus if you want, and see an info readout on the top screen, and watch the sprites zoomed in pseudo-3D.
In other words, aside from the gimmicks, it might as well have been on the GBA. I think it would have looked better there; while you get fancy zoom-in effects when battles start, otherwise the 3D treatment just gives the sprites ugly, jagged rescaling problems. The info readout on the second screen is mostly superfluous if you know the units, and while I don't doubt that the stylus input can be efficient with practice, to my uninitiated fingers it felt more laborious than navigating with D-pad and buttons--especially when you have to click to confirm a unit's move, since with traditional control this requires the merest flex of your finger on the main button, while with the stylus you have to aim and poke at the right little square on the screen.
Darn you DS for stealing my GBA games and making them ugly.
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