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  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Fighting; loc=JPN]
KCET went for a photo-realistic look for this 3D fighter, and managed to pull it off fairly well. The 24 fighters (of which most are locked to begin with) form a funky selection of martial artists, street goth punks, business men, and cute girls. There's even a dude who looks just like Steven Seagal, and has some nice reversals.
Punch, Kick, Defend and, uh, Throw or whatever are the buttons you get. Each character has lots of ->PPK-style combo attacks. So yeah, the fighting system is pretty much Dead or Aliveish all the way through, like so many 3D fighters, really. While you've got a pretty good mode selection, including Time Attack and Survival, there's no attempt at story anywhere, and the game doesn't really try to do anything special aside from the realistic look. It does that pretty well, and plays solidly.
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