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Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun: Bangai Rantou Hen
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  paleface [sys=GB; cat=Beat_em_up; reg=JPN]
Sort've a port or remake of what was known on the NES as "Renegade," I think (the first part of the Japanese name means something like "Hot-Blooded Tough-Guy Kunio"). At any rate, you trundle along through streets and subways, beating up thugs. Sweet!
Surprisingly, you don't have a jump-kick move. There's Punch, Kick, and Uppercut with both buttons twice: once to crouch, again to punch upwards. It's kind of hard to connect with the uppercut, but it can be useful in tight spots. Mostly, though, punch seems to have the power and speed combination to see you through. Once a guy is down, get close to him and push either button to jump on his prone body in a painful way.
Once you get the hang of that, the game is pretty easy until you get to nasty spots pretty far on where they can knock you off a cliff or something, killing you in one hit. They only send two baddies at you at once, so later they start sending in what amounts to two bosses at once. The stages and enemies get pretty repetitive, even for a beat-em-up, but hey, it's the GB.
The super-deformed Kunio characters look kind of funny here, with sort of elongated torsos (for super-deformed characters, at any rate). Kunio appears to be wearing some kind of bulky overcoat. The background art tends to be a bit blocky, and the music ain't all that.
Still, it's got a sort of rhythmic pace to it that makes it each to keep playing: punch combo, prone attack, next guy, punch combo... The dudes make funny expressions when hit! Everyone can appreciate these simple things, I think.
Three skill levels there be, and the top one does get pretty tough, I suppose. It also seems to support two-player, but I haven't had a chance to try that.
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