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  opened by paleface at 03:38:13 09/15/05  
  last modified by paleface at 13:34:23 09/16/05  
  paleface [sys=PS1; cat=Fighting; loc=NA]
Rather dire free-ranging 3D fighting game from Koei. You run around big arena-like levels pressing one of your four different magic projectile buttons and watching the resulting missile home in on your opponent. Repeat! Fun. Oh, don't forget that if you get close, some of your projectile buttons suddenly become hand-to-hand attacks. Confusing!
The saving grace might have been the fairly involved story, but this suffers from poor production values: the backgrounds don't stand up to the camera's close inspection very well, the 3D actors are wooden, and the English voice acting is horrible, sounding like a bunch of amateurs in a cheap recording studio.
  paleface 03:41:02 09/15/05
Oh, and the story is stupid.

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