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Kirby's Dream Land 2
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Pretty much one of the sequels to Kirby's Adventure (see entry 146), with sucking and super-powering action from the little pink puffball--which is to say, he can once again bound or float along platform worlds, gulping down enemies and swallowing them to steal their power.
Dream Land 2 gets much more complex as you go along, though, with very tricky obstacle stages, and, toughest of all, areas that can only be passed if Kirby has a certain power; but you might find that you have to backtrack a ways to find a baddie you can steal it from. Going back and forth between levels can be trying, especially for someone like me who always forgets where he's going. The levels themselves are mostly linear, though they sometimes have little doorways going elsewhere mid-level, but then the six (or more?) worlds themselves have staging areas from which you can elect to enter different doors, and the puzzles in the later worlds require going back and forth between doors to find the right powers to use to pass spots in other doors. Agh!
This, I confess, is where Kirby becomes a little too mind-bending for my tiny brain. I like the dude; I like jumping along, sucking down powers, killing baddies with their own friend's weapon and then devouring them, and I like the big, creative boss fights, but the puzzling gets a bit too predominant for me in the later stages.
Ah well, I had plenty of fun up to that point. As always, Kirby rocks the bestest graphics and sounds out of the Game Boy, and this game also colorizes really well in a GBC/GBA, with green trees and pink Kirby. It's also quite user-friendly, sporting three save slots that save your progress automatically.
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